Matryx offers a wide range of benefits in terms of performance and is totally versatile to suit many types of uses and functions... This patented solution offers sports brands unprecedented performance and style levels.







Materials for sporting goods :

The sporting goods sector requires using materials offering consistency, performance and profitability. Matryx offers a wide range of options to suit these demanding applications. By becoming a Chamatex partner, new fields of creativity open to you in the sporting goods sector.

By combining Chamatex’s ability to innovate and create innovative and impactful materials, together with knowledge of your markets and sporting needs, you can develop and launch new products that are unique for the practice of the sports targeted by your company..


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Support as never ever seen before

For your convenience when designing footwear products requiring specific support or reinforcements systems, Chamatex offers the largest number of "systems pre-approved by its R&D teams”.

These "systems" include a wide range of base materials, selected and controlled by Chamatex, including high resistance polyamide, Kevlar and other types of aramid fibers..., complex, gimped and sheathed threads, multiple weaving modes and additional finishes to boost the performances you have targeted.


With its extensive knowledge in materials science and complex textile structures, as well as with its commitment to technological advancement, its extensive expertise in industrial processes and long experience of innovation, Chamatex today offers a major innovation that benefits footwear and technical equipment designers : high performance material intended for sports and leisure brands.